Francis Pilkington

Francis Pilkington (c1565 - 1638) was a church musician in the English city of Chester who published lute songs and madrigals. He was also the author of a small fifteen or so lute solos (Jeffery 1970, Brown 2001) from which I have selected the following:

Galliard 6 [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Pilkington Grade 06

Galliard: Mr Wagstaff’s Content of Desire [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Pilkington Grade 07

Go from my Window [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Pilkington Grade 06

This tune was set as a lute solo by several musicians, notably John Dowland and Thomas Robinson [links]

Mrs. Elizabeth Murcott’s Galliard [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Pilkington Grade 08

Mrs. Mary Oldfield’s Galliard [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Pilkington Grade 06

Pavane: George Pilkington’s Funeral [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Pilkington Grade 08

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