Johann Anton Losy

Johann Antonin Losy (c1650 - 1721), Count of Losinthal, was a member of the nobility in Bohemia (now Czechia) and one of a small number of amateur lutenists well regarded as a player and responsible for a body of good quality music (for both baroque guitar and baroque lute). Some of his music is familiar to guitarists, especially the Partita in A minor. He was admired by Sylvius Leopold Weiss whose Tombeau sur le mort de M. le Comte de Logy was written to mourn his passing.

Chaconne [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Losy Grade 06
The chaconne was a favourite musical from among baroque lutenists; there are many in the various surviving manuscripts - perhaps hundreds. Chaconnes were usually fairly simple in construction, variations on a repeating bass, and some very short - suggesting that they may often have provided the lutenist with an outline for more extended improvisation. In this chaconne which is found in a Viennese manuscript all the variations have been written out. The original is in F major but, transposed into A major, it can be played on the guitar with very little arrangement - the main changes I have made being to raise the bass line an octave in some of the variations.

I have used a mordent sign to indicate where decorations appear in the original (omitting one or two that would be difficult on the guitar) though it is open to the player to omit decorations or to add more ad lib. In the manuscript several passages are notated to be played campanella. Some bars in my arrangement could be played with campanella fingering (eg 1st bar of variation 12) but not necessarily the same bars as in the original.

Partita in A major [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Losy Grade 05
This partita, originally for baroque guitar, comes from the same source as the Partita in A minor.

Passacaglia [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Losy Grade 06

Tombeau [PDF] [MIDI] [XML] Losy Grade 06

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