Duets - Thomas Ford

...originally written for Lyra Viols, arranged for guitars
Thomas Ford
Viol player and composer (c.1580-1648). Thomas Ford entered the service of the Prince of Wales, Henry Stewart in 1611 and from 1625 until the Civil War (1642–1651) was one of the king's musicians. His best known work is Musicke of Sundrie Kindes (1607) which is divided into two books, the second consisting of dances "for two Basse-viols, the Liera way" (ie Lyra Viols). There is a modern edition of the second book in tablature and grand staff transcription* (Timofeyev 1998) . (The pieces are presented in the order in which they appear in Timofeyev).

Mr Southcote's Pavan [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]
There is a well-known arrangement of this by Frederick Noad in his publication "The Renaissance Guitar” (Noad 1974). I have chosen to set the piece and its following Galliard in A minor rather than G minor. I think the Pavan, especially, flows well in this key as it shows off the guitar's resonance better than G minor; and I have recast the parts slightly and set note durations to reflect this.

Mr Southcote's Galliard [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

Mr Westover’s Farewell (An Almaine) [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

Mr Mayne’s Choice (A Paven) [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

Galliard [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

Forget Me Not [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

Sir Richard Weston’s Delight (A Paven) [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

Mr Lullere His Choice (An Almaine) [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

The Wild Goose Chase (Sir John Philpot’s Delight)

What You Will

Sir Richard Tichborne’s Toy [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]
This piece is subtitled ‘And if you do touch me ile crie’.

Sir Charles Howard’s Delight (The Baggepipes)

Mr Crosse His Choice (Why not here?) [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

A Change of Ayre

Mr Southcote's Gigue (Whipit and Tripit)

The Queen’s Jig (Cate of Bardie) [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]
It is interesting to find both a ‘Gigue’ and a ‘Jig’ in the same collection; also notable is that this Gigue (which sets a series of variations) is in duple rather than triple metre.

Sir John Paulet’s Toy (A Snatch and Away) [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

Mr Richard Martin’s Thump (A Pill to Purge Melancholy)

*Beware if you use the Timofeyev edition; there is a transcription error in no.12. In the treble line of Lyra Viol 2 the first three bars are wrong as printed in treble clef; they would be correct in bass clef.

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