A Traditional Music Library of folk music, tune-books, songbooks and sheet music

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Page

Allan Alexander's Music

Andrei Krylov Sheet Music for Classical Guitar, Lute, Acoustic Guitar

Arto Wikla's Early Music Pages: transcriptions & other lute resources

Bach Classical Guitar and Silvius Weiss Classical Guitar Sheet Music by Savage Classical Guitar

Bach for Guitar (in tablature and standard notations)

Biblioteca della chitarra

Black Mack's Tablature: Index

Bluesblast - Blues and Renaissance Music (MIDI and MP3)

Boije Collection

CCARH Publications: Scores and Parts

CD Sheet Music from npc Imaging - commercial site

ChoralWiki - public domain Choral Music; lots of scores

Classical Guitar MIDI Archives

Classical Guitar Sheet Music

Classical guitar sheet music - Delcamp

Classical sheet music, for all instruments and abilities.

Completorium - Polish Early Music; includes sheet music and MIDI

Daisyfield Guitar Music Archive

Davy Rogers' Traditional Irish Guitar TABs and MIDIs

Digital Guitar Archive - Research articles and resources on historical guitar topics by Robert Coldwell

Dolcesfogato - online facsimiles and modern tablature transcriptions

DOS Amigos Home Page

Download GUITAR PDF Free Sheet Music

Download Sheet Music at - commercial site

Dr. Bill's Music Page - PDFs and MIDIs of early music

Early Music MIDI Files at MIDIWORLD

Early Music WEB Resources - Alain Veylit's page; home of Fandango & loads of tablature, facsimile, midi etc

Fernando Sor - complete works - Patrick Navarro’s site

Forrest Guitar Ensembles - Home

Free Classical Guitar Music - Jubing's site

Free Classical Sheet Music Guide - Links

Free Early and Renaissance Music - Classical Guitar Recordings

Free Guitar Music - Jürg Hochweber

FREE MIDI. Classical MIDI's and MIDI/ZIP Collections.

Free scores for classic guitar.

Free scores for classical guitar and piano (Guitar)

Free sheet music downloads

Free Sheet Piano Music

Free Sheetmusic from Johan Tufvesson - 17th and 18th century scores

Free tablatures in TEF format: Classical Music For Guitar

Grounds and Divisions - music for lute, orpharion, bandora, cittern

Guitar and Lute Music arranged by Richard Yates

Guitar Tab - tabs in TEF format

Igor Varfolomeev's site - lute and guitar music: Fronimo, Fandango and PDF

IMSLP - Petrucci Music Library

KernScores - includes PDF and MIDI files

La Folia, a musical cathedral (1672-present)

Le luth baroque; Weiss (complete works) & other Baroque lute works

Lute Society of America list of Lute tablature sites

Lute Songs/song texts/MIDI files; some lute solos (including Bakfark) - free Downloads from Harold Lillmeyer

luth-librairie - Richard Civiol's page of tablatures in Django format

Lyra Viol Music

Marc sa guitare (partitions gratuites - free scores)

Mauro Giuliani - free scores

mfiles - free midi files to download, classical, original and other music styles

MIDI & Sound file links

MIDI files of renaissance music

MIDI Music by Lory Werths - Lute & Guitar

Mignarda Editions - Performing Editions of lute music

Minami Huhu's Classic Guitar

MuseData - Baroque and Classical Music scores

Musescore - collection of sheet music

Music from Peter Billam

Music of 16th Century Broadside Ballads

Musicalion online music library

MusOpen - Public domain music scores

Pieces by Gaspar Sanz & Francois Campion (guitar) and Tobias Hume (Viol)

RISM UK and Ireland: Repertoire International des Sources Musicales

RowyNet - Free Classical Sheet Music

Sarge Gerbode's collection: >8000 lute pieces in several formats

Score Exchange - Find, Print, Download Sheet Music Now

Scores, guitar tablatures, notes

Serpent Publications - Early Music files

Sheet Music Archive - subscription site for classical sheet music

Sheet Music Digital - Commercial Sheet Music site

Sheet Music Galore - portal for Recorder sheet music

Sheet Music Warehouse - old, & out of print sheet music; commercial site

SheetMusicFox - Free sheet music

Solo Guitarist Network, Music Scores, Tablature, Guitars, Accessories

Steve Hendricks Music Collection

TablEdit user sites

The Music of Caroso's Il Ballarino (1581)

Tony's MIDI Pages

Turlough O'Carolan - Music in MIDI Format

Viol Page - Tobias Hume

Wayne Cripps pages - extensive collection of tablature transcriptions in EPS, PDF, MIDI and TAB

Weed's guitar page - original tabs, MIDIs and MP3s

Welcome to the Mutopia Project - free sheet music

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