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Here you will find my arrangements of music for the Classical Guitar. Most pieces are from the Renaissance and Baroque periods and were written for the lute or related instruments such as the bandora, baroque guitar or lyra viol, plus a few pieces from keyboard sources.

All the music is free to download and you may use the arrangements in any way you like. But please acknowledge me as the source if you play any of this music in public or use it as the basis for your own arrangements. (A 'plug' for this web site would be welcome too!)

Some of this music is taken from facsimiles of the original manuscripts or printed sources, some is derived from modern tablature versions and some from previous arrangements (for guitar or other instruments). I aim to use the original source where possible, and for this reason some arrangements get modified as I learn more about the original music. I have included notes about the music and its sources and I will also add to these as I come across new information.

Most of the music is for solo guitar, but there are a few pieces for duets and other ensembles. My aim is to make available music that I haven’t found published elsewhere in guitar arrangement or to provide an alternative to existing arrangements.

All the music files are available in PDF format; I also include MIDI and Music XML files
* as a way of making the music files more available. The arrangements are made using Sibelius (currently Sibelius Ultimate 2021) and I am happy to make the original files available or send files in other formats (use the Contact Me button at the foot of any page).
More about music file formats

I have posted some arrangements with fingering but currently most are without. I have received feedback requesting unfingered versions, suggesting that guitarists may usually prefer to work out their own fingering. I have usually only included fingering in pieces where it seems tricky. Following requests I have graded the solo pieces on a 1 - 10 scale - a very subjective scale it has to be said, but I hope it gives at least some indication of difficulty. If you want to suggest improvements to any of the arrangements or if you have any other comments to make about the content of the site please contact me.

Use the menu links to get around the site and there is a Search page to help track down individual pieces.

If you like this site, keep your eye on it; I will be continuing to add pieces and I will revise arrangements where I find errors in them or think of improvements.

*The XML files are in the MXL (compressed XML) format. Click on an MXL link and your browser should download the file, but it will probably also open the XML file in a new page. You can also save this page as an XML file. Either of these files should open in music programs that can read Music XML such as MuseScore, Sibelius or Finale.

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